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Just listening to Pascal's passion when describing  what he does and how it works is  reassurence that you are in good hands, I have had 15 years of pain that I took for granted vanish in just a few weeks, I never thought I could feel this good.

Maria Mc Garry

Read some more of what Dr Pascals clients have to say  Testimonials



Place: In Health Chiropractic Farnham Street, Cavan                                                                                                                                                            

Date: Saturday June 13, 2015

Time: 11:00am-2:30pm

Come and join us at 11am for our Better Choices for Better Health presentation

Find out how a properly functioning nervous system will have a dramatic and positive effect on your health, and then stay to receive a free spinal screening.

 This quick assessment takes 3-5 minutes to easily discover if levels of stress are present. These mainly effect the various muscles, joints and organs therefore chiropractic not only works for

•             Headaches

•             Neck pain

•             Back pain

•             Pins & Needles/Numbness into arms or legs

•             Decreased energy levels

•             Irritable bowel syndrome

•             Fibromyalgia

But more importantly on improving overall health.

In Health Chiropractic, Farnham Street Cavan, Ireland (049)4373907

Hear what patients actually have to say

"I thought chiropractic care was a luxury like a facial, now I know it is a necessity"

" I am a happier person and my quality of life has changed for the better since coming to In Health Chiropractic and my family no longer has to listen to me complain"

"The office has a relaxed atomosphere and they are flexible with hours to fit into our busy lives, In Health CHiropractic is class"

"Additional perks to chiropractic care, I am sleeping better. I feel I have a restored balance and strength. I also notice positive changes in my bowels and digestion"

"My co workers have said that they notice a difference in me. I think everyone should get their spine checked. We have referred a friend who was scheduled for surgery and thankfully he is doing great and has been able to cancel the surgery"

Chiropractic-Cavan and Monaghan, Ireland

Chiropractic is a natural drugless method of healthcare specialising in the restoration of proper nerve function in dealing with various different health conditions .

At In Health Chiropractic we are passionate and dedicated to what chiropractic has to offer. We pride ourselves in our examination procedures to detect the source of your problem and implementing the correct course of care necessary to help you in your quest for a return to health and happiness.

Chiropractic premise

The nervous system is the master controller of your body. This comprises of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell tissue and organ in your body.  These nerves exit from the spine and course through the body bringing vital information back and forth.

Changes in this information is caused by stress which comes from a combination of emotion, chemical and physical sources this can include foods, toxins, emotional stresses, falls and injuries.

Repeated levels of stress alter the nerve signals between brain and body causing a change of function which can lead to symptoms. 


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