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Just listening to Pascal's passion when describing  what he does and how it works is  reassurence that you are in good hands, I have had 15 years of pain that I took for granted vanish in just a few weeks, I never thought I could feel this good.

Maria Mc Garry

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September is here and children have been returning to school. Are your children wearing their school bags correctly? Below is a list of what you should be looking for in a school bag and how your child should be wearing it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Buying your school bag

Appropriate size for child (try not to have a bag that is wider than child) and appropriate size for load (on over-packed smaller bag can cause more trouble)

Ensure there is padded wide straps which are adjustable

Ensure there is padding along the back.

Choose a bag with a support belt around the waist

Ensure there is a cardboard on base or cut one out and insert it (Cut out of hard cardboard or plastic or even a piece of laminate floor.)

In smaller children think of one that can be wheeled alongside the child


Make sure your child takes time to prepare their bag the night before.

Pack the bag properly bigger items at the back closer to the spine , smaller items at the front.

Make sure lunch boxes are packed correctly and are not bulging out of bag or carry lunch in a separate lunch bag

Only pack books that are necessary for that day.

Carry sports kits and large folders separately

Make sure bag is loaded equally and not bulging at the seams.

Putting on school bag

Always use two straps and ideally a belt strap also. Never on one shoulder or down by the side.

If necessary tape extra foam to the straps e.g. like a plumber uses to insulate pipes, otherswise the straps irritate the muscles and nerves giving pain, pins and needles etc.

Tighten straps so that the bag is carried high on the back, the bottom of the bag should be just above waist height.

Tighten straps continually during the day to ensure bag is kept in the correct position

Taking off school bag

Remove one strap at a time and lower slowly to the floor, don’t twist or throw over the shoulder

Be Active

Make sure your child is taking regular exercise to build up muscles and strengthen the body and develop core strength. Our teens is the time when our body builds strength

Ideally a child should not carry more than 10% of their body weight.

Proper foot wear

Make sure child wears a good supported shoe, that can be tied tightly, with good grip on the sole a fall which carrying a heavy school bag can cause severe damage.

Common problems we see


Neck, shoulder and lower back pain

Scoliosis (carrying a bag incorrectly can increase scoliosis, but not usually cause it)

Injuries in all parts of the body as a result of falls.

Postural problems (ie one shoulder or hip higher than the other, torticollis (restricted movement in neck movement)


Chiropractic-Cavan and Monaghan, Ireland

Chiropractic is a natural drugless method of healthcare specialising in the restoration of proper nerve function in dealing with various different health conditions .

At In Health Chiropractic we are passionate and dedicated to what chiropractic has to offer. We pride ourselves in our examination procedures to detect the source of your problem and implementing the correct course of care necessary to help you in your quest for a return to health and happiness.

Chiropractic premise

The nervous system is the master controller of your body. This comprises of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell tissue and organ in your body.  These nerves exit from the spine and course through the body bringing vital information back and forth.

Changes in this information is caused by stress which comes from a combination of emotion, chemical and physical sources this can include foods, toxins, emotional stresses, falls and injuries.

Repeated levels of stress alter the nerve signals between brain and body causing a change of function which can lead to symptoms. 


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